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Complimentary Portfolio Quick-Check

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yourSRI and its partners present the ultimate tool for actively monitoring the environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk of your investments: the complimentary portfolio quick check covers more than 7'500 company ratings, 13'500 issuers and over 650'000 securities using MSCI Research data, the most renowned assessments of company ESG exposure worldwide; and over 40'000 sets of carbon data provided by ISS ESG allows a best-in-class carbon footprinting.

So, how would you rate the current social and environmental quality of your portfolio? It's easy to find out:




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 ESG Portfolio Screening


 Carbon Portfolio Screening

yourSRI ESG ‘Fund & Portfolio Screening’ tool offers an individual and cost efficient solution to measure and benchmark the ESG performance of your investments and to reveal hidden ESG-related investment risks.

  • Tailor-made reporting & controlling solutions with an objective and standardized framework for in-depth analysis
  • Efficient benchmarking and peer group comparison
  • Suitable for all funds, portfolios and mandates
Smart and simple to use reports provide an objective and standardized framework for understanding portfolio ESG risk and for tracking ESG performance over time. The analytics are supported by a data-driven and easy-to-interpret visual analysis of the investments ESG profile.

We are partnering with MSCI, a leading data provider of ESG research and ratings, for our ESG  services in order to score and monitor your investments.

yourSRI ESG ‘Carbon Footprinting’ tool is a unqiue and most cost efficient way for you to independently measure, disclose, and manage the carbon intensity and climate change risks of your investments.

  • Meet national and international environmental reporting requirements
  • Measureand publicly disclose your carbon footprint to your stakeholders
  • Extend your mainstream financial reportingto improve your understanding of portfolio risks and opportunities related to climate change

The generated reports are tailored for understanding, measuring and managing carbon risk at the portfolio, sector, and company level. In addition to the detailed analytics documents we also offer one-page reporting optimized for client meetings and fund reporting.

We are partnering with ISS ESG to provide you the most complete information on corporate emissions worldwide.

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Quick-Sample Report:
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